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Praise for
Jack Farrell & Associates

"We had large shoes to fill and faced some changing market forces. Jack Farrell & Associates presented an array of stellar candidates and our new Director is really making a difference.

You were thorough, persistent, organized and always pleasant to work with. The term "thoroughly professional" comes to mind. He collaborated seamlessly with our Search Committee, listened to what we needed, and delivered.

If we have another big job to fill....I'm keeping Jack Farrell & Associates on speed-dial."
-Chief of Staff
Not-for-Profit Professional Association

"You did a phenomenal job of matching the candidates’ skill set and experience to our position. We have hired our new manager and what a difference she has made in her first few weeks. Working with Jack Farrell & Associates was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the firm to any organization in need of recruitment services."
-Assistant Vice President
Human Resources

"You have helped us immeasurably by finding these candidates - both of whom were fabulous. What a difference your efforts have made! I consider you a miracle-worker."
- Medical Director

"I had been interviewing for nearly 6 months with no success, but then I called JFA. They knew just what I needed and found a star candidate in just a few days."
-Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Health Science Publisher



Put the Jack Farrell & Associates team in your corner as you pursue your next career move

Knowing where to look for the right job, making the best first impression with a strong resume, and sealing the deal with a winning interview -- key parts of the process that will separate you from the pack, and make your next career move a success.

"Your resume service and interviewing session was exceptionally helpful. The mock interview in particular made me completely ready for the real thing. I landed the job and am grateful for the prep you provided. Quality all the way." - Sean A.

Now, through the JFAdvisor consulting service, members of the Jack Farrell & Associates team provide their expertise in a private, one-on-one session designed to give you personalized assistance you need as you take the next step on your career path.

"I was offered the position of Assistant Director and accepted. I just want to thank you so much for your assistance with my resume and interview prep. In particular, the strategies you gave me for my interviews were spot-on. I could not have done this without your help." - Rishi P.

  • upgrade your existing resume or create a new one that showcases your career accomplishments and tells a compelling story
  • apply proven resume techniques that hiring managers look for and respond to
  • learn how to tailor your resume for each new opportunity
  • experience a real-world interview that tests your readiness and identifies areas of weakness
  • gain invaluable feedback on positioning yourself and addressing any gaps, trouble spots, or interruptions in your career
  • master proven interview techniques that few candidates ever learn
  • learn the key questions to ask that show your preparedness and interest
  • develop listening skills to discern what the hiring manager is really looking for
  • get expert ideas and dispassionate advice on what path best suits your skills and aspirations
  • receive specific instructions on websites and online groups that will instantly expand your network of high-value contacts
  • learn how to make contact at target companies while respecting the typical HR chain of command
"The JFAdvisor consult was extremely positive. The feedback on my resume made it much stronger and your coaching tips and strategies on finding the right job were very useful." - Paul L.
My recruiting firm has earned its stellar reputation by treating each candidate with the utmost respect. That's why when you order the JFAdvisor consult, we guarantee your satisfaction or you get your money back. I'm confident you will find our advice and counsel unique and completely practical. It's based on proven real-world strategies that work. We are eager to share these with you. The impact will be career-changing.

"You gave me some great pointers on where to focus my search. I will definitely recommend your service!" - Laura S.
Now... Let's get working.
Jack Farrell

The JFA team will contact you within one business day of placing your order
to begin your consultation.

I'd like to start my JFAdvisor consultation which may include Resume Makeover, Interviewing Prep, and Career Coaching. All services come with a money-back guarantee.

JFAdvisor Consultation Services: $595

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