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Praise for
Jack Farrell & Associates

"We had large shoes to fill and faced some changing market forces. Jack Farrell & Associates presented an array of stellar candidates and our new Director is really making a difference.

You were thorough, persistent, organized and always pleasant to work with. The term "thoroughly professional" comes to mind. He collaborated seamlessly with our Search Committee, listened to what we needed, and delivered.

If we have another big job to fill....I'm keeping Jack Farrell & Associates on speed-dial."
-Chief of Staff
Not-for-Profit Professional Association

"You did a phenomenal job of matching the candidates' skill set and experience to our position. We have hired our new manager and what a difference she has made in her first few weeks. Working with Jack Farrell & Associates was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the firm to any organization in need of recruitment services."
-Assistant Vice President
Human Resources

"You have helped us immeasurably by finding these candidates - both of whom were fabulous. What a difference your efforts have made! I consider you a miracle-worker."
- Medical Director

"I had been interviewing for nearly 6 months with no success, but then I called JFA. They knew just what I needed and found a star candidate in just a few days."
-Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Health Science Publisher



Put the Jack Farrell & Associates Team in Your Corner


Jack Farrell & Associates is now providing consulting services and bringing real world solutions to managers in publishing, healthcare, and media. Our areas of focus include sales, marketing, product development, distribution, digital strategy, and more. Bill Faust, a 30-year veteran of publishing and media, will be leading the consulting initiative for the firm. If you have the need for objective, independent, and insightful market analysis and research, we can help.

Here's a brief list of the types of consulting assignments that you might be interested in pursuing:
  • Research and analysis of target market audiences/segments in regards to industry topics and trends.
  • Exploration of digital opportunities or extensions of existing verticals.
  • Detailed research of the competitive landscape in regards to new markets or products.
  • Opportunities emerging from the print-to-digital migration.
  • And more...
Once the project focus has been clearly defined and deliverables agreed upon, our work will begin. After the project is completed within the stated time frame, you will receive an executive summary, a comprehensive report on results, and a Powerpoint presentation to key company management focused on highlights from the report.

If you have questions or a specific project you'd like to discuss, please contact Bill Faust (bill@jackfarrell.com, 609-865-0276). As always, it's our pleasure to assist you.

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